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Drontal Worming Tablets for Cats and Kittens (2-4kg) - 1 Tablet By Drontal

Was: £2.99
Just Ship Once Price:£1.55Save £1.44 (48%)
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Was: £2.99
Just Ship Once Price:£1.55Save £1.44 (48%)
Subscribe & Save 15%:£1.32Save £1.67 (56%)

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11 reviews



by -

I've always used these for my cats. As far as I'm concerned they are the best thing to use.

Immediate order replacement


I ordered worming tablets, flea drops and ferret paste, sometime before Christmas which the shippers promptly lost. Petshop.CO.UK lost no time in sending a replacement order which I received today.

<br>The quality of service and the attitude from Petshop and Adam is second to none. I recommend them without reservation.

<br> As to the products, Drontal seems to me to be the most effective cat wormer I have used, Advantage Flea drops also work well and finally the Beaphar ferret paste is amazing, my wife can trim claws or anything else while her ferrets concentration is taken up with Beaphar, it is also a source of taurine, very important for ferrets.

<br> Chris

never again!

by -

My poor review has nothing at all to do with the product- the culprit was my cat.

<br>I have previously tried grinding the tablet into powder and mixing it into his food— waste of time and money, it all went into the bin.

<br>This time I put a blanket on my husbands knee and put the cat on it.

<br>He held him still while I opened his mouth and put the tablet in. That was the plan! I ended up with bitten and scratched hands, and my husband got his legs and hands lacerated. Our placid cat had turned into a ferocious lion.

<br>I emailed Pet Shop, who advised me to use Droncit worming drops instead. This is tipped onto the cats shoulder blades, similar to flea drops.

<br>This is what I will use next time.

<br>Pet Shop is such a friendly service, they are like old friends, and I can’t recommend them enough.

Thoroughly recommend


Although the biggest battle is getting the tablet down the throat of a struggling furry dervish, this product works.

Cat worming

by -

Cheap & easy to give also set up a 12 week repeat delivery so can't forget, no hassle & protected cat 😊



used drontal for a few yeas no adverse problems



frontline plus does what it says, in return I have happy cats without the constant scratching, great value for money and the bottomless bowl is a brilliant idea spread the cost and the bonus of a discount as well!!

<br>win win for me 10/10

Drontal worming tablets for cats

by -

Our two cats have always got on well with these tablets, easy to swallow and seem effective.

Drontal worming tablet for larger cat


This product keeps my cat clear from nasty parasites.

<br>Tablet on the large size but easy to break in half to pop down cats throat. Will use this product again.

Happy Cats

by -

My cats are not amused when I make them swallow these pills but they are happy with the results. Been using these for a few years now and we've had no issues, so I shall continue using them. Just remember the price is for 1 tablet.. and not for a box of tablets.

Best brand on the market.


I use Drontal worm and flea treatments for both my cat and dog. I find the treatments very efficient and work perfectly. I have used other brands in the past, but they didn’t combat the fleas effectively. This is the best brand I have found and I would recommend it to everyone.